About the PBC

The perception throughout the World is that the club motorcycling scene consists of  a bunch of “disorganized hooligans” hanging out together and generally causing mayhem wherever they go. Maybe in Hollywood movies this would be true, but not in Pretoria…And the rest of South Africa, for that matter!

Although the very nature of biking, and Bikers, is to kick against rules and authority, biking in South Africa is actually well organised…specifically among the Club, or so-called, “Patch-wearing”, Bikers.

The PBC  was established in 1995 and it’s main aim is, and always has been, to create a forum where like-minded individuals can get together, organize events and generally just have fun.  The PBC’s function is to provide Club Biking with a set of guidelines and rules which will help keep the biking scene organized.

The idea is not to create an environment where a handful of people control everything, but rather to give biking a set of well thought-out guidelines, which helps Clubs maintain order and discipline within their own ranks, thus helping work together for the greater good of the Biking Public in South Africa.

Enter the SANBCA – the South African National Biking Council Alliance. The PBC was one of the original 7 Bikers Councils that started this initiative in order to take the guidelines, developed by the Councils, further so that Club Biking in South Africa can become what it is meant to be…”Organised Biking”.

Meetings are held on a monthly basis and although the meeting itself may be attended only by Members, Prospective Members and Guest Speakers, everyone and anyone is welcome to come visit with us before and after the meetings. This helps when people meet the “rest of the gang” and get to know some of the people involved in the Council.

The venue for the meetings is called “Toutrek Park”, which can be found at C/O 14th Street & Frederika Street, Gezina, Pretoria, South Africa,.

If you are a Club that is interested in joining a Council, or if you are thinking of starting a new Club, or if you just feel that you need to share some information of your own, please contact the PBC Secretary or the PBC Webmaster.